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With over 20 years of facilitating, training and developing programs, businesses, organizations and people, we are equipped with the skills, experience and passion to elevate your organization. We have held Organizing Director roles in National and local organizations, held Managerial Director roles in nonprofits, coordinated fellowships, and ran organizing campaigns. We are committed to being students of progressive politics and growth and work by being alumni of training and professional development programs such as BOLD, Momentum, Training for Change and Build Institute. Through our transformative facilitation we have helped shape the future through staff and programming development and strategic planning. Our experiences have helped us to sharpen our politics around intersectionality, Black Liberation, feminism, and abolition, all while learning to lead with thosevalues at the center. We are committed to creating inclusive, engaging, transformative and educational spaces to all who are ready to learn and grow.

Alexa Young, CA

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